Anonymous: It would be nice to know someone like you.. :) 

Ahh that’s very kind of you to say!! Thank you so, so much and I’m sure you too are an amazing person to meet and know and I hope you stay full of health and happiness!! Thank you very much again!! (:

Anonymous: I like men like you lol 

Ahhh you’re being too kind haha honestly i can promise there are many, many men way better than myself haha thank you again and i hope you stay blessed and you enjoy your days ahead!! (: 

Anonymous: Do you answer questions privately? 

Yeaah if they are not anon then i will answer privately, thank you very much and i hope all goes really well for this day and your week ahead!! (:

Anonymous: youre so nice damn 

Ahhh no more than anyone else is my friend, i can assure you that!! Thank youu so much and i hope your day passes well!! (:

Anonymous: The way you answer your questions is so cute omg 

Ahhh ahaha thank you so much for your kind words haha i hope you stay well and you have an amazing day and week ahead of you!! (:





The year is 3000, my great great great grand daughter isn’t fine at all and freddos are £4 each

#the dfs sale is still on though


i dont know whats happening in this post

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Anonymous: you love french rap dont u. also which country do you originally come from 

Hellooo (: i hope your day is going great so far!! Ahahaha yess yes very much!! :D born and bred in England, parents from europe and asia, grandparents from the caucasus. Thank you and i hope you have a wonderful week ahead!! (: